Map of the Day: City of Portland 3D Land Use Model

…from the ESRI Map Book, Volume 24

Click to Enlarge City of Portland

“The City of Portland Bureau of Planning has developed a “3D land-use inventory” analytical GIS model that estimates the square footage of land use by building floor in Portland’s central city. The model, developed in ArcInfo Workstation using ARC Macro Language (AML), produces a single GIS dataset that is used to visualize the land-use information in 3D (in Google SketchUp, ArcScene, or Google Earth).

“The results are also used to generate total square footage statistics by land use for any geographic area within the central city. The two main inputs to the model are a database containing the percentage of land use by individual building floor and a GIS-based 3D model of the city, both of which were created and are maintained by the Bureau of Planning.

“Courtesy of City of Portland Bureau of Planning.”