Texas City Proposes Tree-counting Initiative

…from Pegasus News

“The city of Denton is trying to protect its shade-bearing friends through the use of satellite imaging.

“The City Council discussed a possible survey at last week’s meeting that would determine the average number of trees and how to add more to the city.

“If the proposal is approved, the city of Denton will collaborate with UNT faculty and a graduate student to head up the research side of the project.”

First Complete Map of the Lakes beneath Antarctica’s Ice Sheets

27253901thumb_300…from New Scientist

“THE first complete map of the lakes beneath Antarctica’s ice sheets reveals the continent’s secret water network is far more dynamic than we thought. This could be acting as a powerful lubricant beneath glaciers, contributing to sea level rise.

“Unlike previous lake maps, which are confined to small regions, Ian Joughin at the University of Washington in Seattle and colleagues mapped 124 subglacial lakes across Antarctica using lasers on NASA’s ICESat satellite (see map).”

Scientists Compiled Homogeneous Long-term Ozone Record

…from the European Space Agency

O3_merged_GOME_SCIA_M“By merging more than a decade of atmospheric data from European satellites, scientists have compiled a homogeneous long-term ozone record that allows them to monitor total ozone trends on a global scale – and the findings look promising.

“Scientists merged monthly total ozone data derived from the vertically downward-looking measurements of the GOME instrument on ESA’s ERS-2 satellite, SCIAMACHY on ESA’s Envisat and GOME-2 on the European Meteorological Satellite Organization’s MetOp-A.”

A New Biology for the 21st Century

0309144884…a new book from the National Research Council…

A New Biology for the 21st Century: Ensuring the United States Leads the Coming Biology Revolution

“Now more than ever, biology has the potential to contribute practical solutions to many of the major challenges confronting the United States and the world. A New Biology for the 21st Century recommends that a “New Biology” approach–one that depends on greater integration within biology, and closer collaboration with physical, computational, and earth scientists, mathematicians and engineers–be used to find solutions to four key societal needs: sustainable food production, ecosystem restoration, optimized biofuel production, and improvement in human health. The approach calls for a coordinated effort to leverage resources across the federal, private, and academic sectors to help meet challenges and improve the return on life science research in general.”