Satellite Imagery Shows World’s River Deltas Sinking Due to Human Activity

Figure 2 Mekong & Myanmar & Pearl…from

“Of the world’s 33 major deltas, 24 are sinking, in large part due to human activity, and 85 percent experienced severe flooding in recent years, a new study finds.

“The flooding resulted in the temporary submergence of roughly 100,000 square miles of land.  About 500 million people in the world live on river deltas.

“Using satellite data from NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, which swept more than 80 percent of Earth’s surface during a 12-day mission of the space shuttle Endeavour in 2000, the  researchers compared the SRTM data with historical maps published between 1760 and 1922.”

Immediate Openings for GIS Internships at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

nasa-largeNASA has immediate openings for Fall 2009 internships at the Marshall Space Flight Center. These 4 to 10 week internships feature flexible start dates and flexible schedules.

The GIS Internship Program is open to community college, undergraduate, and graduate students majoring in the fields of geography, technology, and civil engineering with experience in geospatial technology or an interest in developing their skills in spatial data technology in support of NASA’s mission.  A student majoring in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), history, archaeology or any other major and demonstrating an interest in working in historical documentation and geospatial technology (GIS) will also be considered.

Waldo Tobler to Speak at San Diego State University October 16th, 2009

tobler“Professor Emeritus Waldo Tobler, University of California Santa Barbara, will be honored on Oct. 16 by a symposium whose subject will be Tobler’s contributions to and impact on the field of cartography.

“Tobler, an American-Swiss cartographer and geographer, is a member of the National Academy of Sciences.  He is best known for ‘Tobler’s Law’ on the effect of distance on human and physical relationships, but is also  heralded as an innovative cartographer who has led the field for five decades.

“The symposium is sponsored by the Arthur Getis Lectureship in Spatial Analysis and the Department of Geography.  Speakers include:  Getis (SDSU), Andre Skupin (SDSU), S.V. Subramanian (Harvard University) and Waldo Tobler (UCSB).”

  • 3 p.m. – 4:15 p.m., Oct. 16
  • West Commons 220, San Diego State University, California
  • Free and open to the public

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Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Hydrothermal Water Discharging into a River

mtgLogoTopLeft…from the 2009 Portland Geological Society of America (GSA) Meeting, 18-21 October 2009…


ANDREWS, Benjamin J., University of California, Berkeley; CARDENAS, M. Bayani, The Univ. of Texas at Austin; and BENNETT, Philip C., The Univ of Texas at Austin

“We investigated the thermal plume created by a pipe discharging hot spring water (~60 °C) into a small stream (~10 °C) at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon. High-frequency (16 Hz), high-resolution (1-2 mm pixels) thermal infrared images of hot spring jets show the effects of jet entry conditions on spatial and temporal scales of mixing. Images of thermal plumes showing eddy cascades through space and time are analyzed via correlation analysis.”

Indian Tree Census with GIS and GPS


“Dr. Ramesh Madav, Chairman, Enbitech and CEO of Terracon Ecotech Pvt Ltd, successfully tested the most modern Tree Census Methods, using GPS and GIS.

“This is for the first time in India that such sophisticated technology will be used on such a grand scale.

“With extensive experience and research, Dr. Ramesh Madav, now has upgraded the Tree Census activity with modern technology and gadgets such as GIS and GPS, which will not only increase the accuracy, but will also bring in state-of-the-art upgradation of the activity.”

Analysing, Mapping, and Evaluating Spatio-temporal Water Scarcity Problems, February 1st to 11th, 2010 in Salzburg, Austria

“The Z_GIS Winter School 2010 is dedicated to the theme of analysing, mapping and evaluating spatio-temporal water scarcity problems and is hosted by Salzburg University’s Centre for Geoinformatics (Z_GIS).

“Participants with an interest in GIS, Remote Sensing and Hydrology are welcome to attend the short intensive course in the world cultural heritage city of Salzburg.”

University of Western Ontario Map Library a Hidden Gem

PG1_Map_1…from Western News

“A map in the Serge A. Sauer Map Library might point you toward geographical or historical treasures. But just by finding that map, you’ve located the real treasure: the Map Library is a hidden gem on campus.

“Currently housed on the ground floor of the Social Science Centre, the Map Library is full of maps of all areas of the world and all types of information. As well as over 220,000 unique maps, the library is also home to over 2,000 atlases, several GIS workstations and a collection of aerial photographs of the London area.”