Spatial Statistics: What’s so HOT about Spatial Pattern Analysis?

gpbheader[ This blog post was written by Lauren Scott, Geoprocessing/Spatial Statistics Product Engineer in the Software Products Group at ESRI in Redlands, and originally posted on the ESRI Geoprocessing Blog. ]

Hot Spot Analysis is just one of the pattern analysis tools in the Spatial Statistics Toolbox.  You can use these tools to explore spatial patterns in order to answer questions like:

  • Where are crime rates unexpectedly high?
  • Are there regions in the country where people live longer
  • Where do we find anomalous spending patterns?
  • Are there sharp boundaries between affluence and poverty?
  • Is the disease remaining geographically fixed or is it spreading?
  • Which features are most concentrated?
  • Does the spatial pattern of the virus mirror the spatial pattern of the population at risk?
  • Which site is most accessible?
  • Where is the population center?
  • Which species has the broadest territory?

To learn more about spatial pattern analysis, check out some of these resources: