Postgraduate Scholarship in Geobiosphere Science at University of Lund

lund7Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystems Analysis
Faculty of Science, Lund University, Sweden

The position will be within the framework of a new research centre at Lund University, LUCCI (Lund University Centre for Studies of Carbon Cycle and Climate Interactions) financed by a long term (10 years) Linnaeus grant by the Swedish Research Council. Research at the Centre spans a broad range of disciplines, e.g., , Physical Geography, , Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, , Plant Physiology, and Microbiology. There are c. 85 researchers from four different departments within the Faculties of Science and Engineering. Read more about LUCCI at

The mechanisms underlying the evolution of Holocene CO2 and CH4 concentrations and climate remain controversial, including whether or not humans have played a discernible role regionally or globally. In this project we aim to improve existing knowledge about human land use over the last 6000 yrs. It will expand a global dataset that was implemented within the LPJ-GUESS modelling framework in order to better assess the role of past human impact on the carbon cycle. The project will link on-going ecosystem modelling work being carried out in Lund with vegetation reconstructions and will involve model applications using LPJ-GUESS.

Candidates should hold a Master of Science degree in Ecology, Geography, Geology, GIS or an environmental science, be interested in data assimilation and have an interest in past human and environmental history or  archaeology.  Some experience in programming or modelling using C++ or a similar language is required.

Excellent written and spoken English is a requirement.

See general study plan at

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  1. I am Wolde Amene an Ethiopian citizn. I graduate at earth science in addis ababa universty. I eager to master program in Earth science and related field. thanks!

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