Steese White Moutain Archaeological Reconnaissance and Survery Project, Alaska

DOIlogo“The BLM and a recipient need to evaluate the reliability of a current predictive model for prehistoric archaeological sites in the WMNRA and SNCA. Recipient shall use the latest computer GIS technology to help fine-tune this landscape-level research, and training the next generation of archaeologists. The BLM’s primary interest is in using the best available science to comply with federal law, as specifically outlined in Sections 106 and 110 of the NHPA, in regards to managing cultural resources on its lands, and seeing that significant resources are not adversely affected.

“The principal purpose of the project is to survey and assess public lands for prehistoric archaeological sites. The only way to manage cultural resources is to know where the sites are located, so they can be evaluated for inclusion to the National Register. This project is all about applying predictive modeling to locate unknown prehistoric resources in the Alaskan interior.”