An Introduction to Surfaces and Terrains: Podcast

podcast_iconESRI Podcast: In Part 1, Clayton Crawford, a product lead on the ArcGIS 3D Analyst team responsible for terrain datasets, and Colin Childs, an instructor with the ESRI Educational Services division, discuss how surface data is stored and managed in ArcGIS, what a terrain dataset is, and some common uses of terrain datasets. Crawford explains why terrain datasets can be a good solution for ArcGIS 3D Analyst users who work with large amounts of surface data.  In Part 2, Crawford and Childs discuss what a terrain dataset is, how it is created, and what types of data it can manage. Crawford also shares suggestions, best practices, and the typical workflow for creating a new terrain dataset.

Part 1:

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  • Read the transcript [PDF]

Part 2:

  • Listen or download: MP3 [19.57 | 9.15 MB]
  • Read the transcript [PDF]