UNM’s ISTEC Program Uses Modern Technology to Rebuild Abandoned Acequias

SVAcequias…from UNM Today

“Digging ditches isn’t how UNM students usually expect to spend their summers. But this low tech task is part of an ISTEC, Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Consortium program to remap and reestablish the old acequia system that Spanish and Tlaxcalteca settlers once used to irrigate Albuquerque’s South Valley with water from the Rio Grande.

“Garcia says that the final goal of the project is to develop a virtual system that will allow SVRAA to help water users to claim their water rights, while the data collected can be managed using a combination of GIS/GPS technology integrated into a community virtual management system. This process will allow ISTEC to do knowledge, information and technology transfer so community members have the technical expertise to maintain and use the database of all water systems and water users in the South Valley.”