Selecting Wind Farm Sites in Colorado With GIS: New ArcLesson

447New ArcLesson from the education team at ESRI:

“In this 50-question activity, you will determine the best locations to site a wind energy farm in Colorado. You will use GIS as your primary investigative tool and use spatial analysis techniques to consider the best site. You will consider highways, wind speed, cities, size of polygon, contiguity, elevation, federal land, and will perform a number of geoprocessing functions including dissolve, intersect, erase, join, and more to arrive at your conclusion.”

6 thoughts on “Selecting Wind Farm Sites in Colorado With GIS: New ArcLesson

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  2. I tried to open up the mxd documents with ArcGIS 9.2 and I got the following message :”The map document was saved using a newer version of ArcGIS”. I couldn’t see also the content of the file geodatabase in tutorial data (“The release of the Geodatabase is either invalid or out of date”). Is it possible that the only version that can be used is actually 9.3?
    Thank you,
    Sorin Mihai

  3. I have version 10 and am having the same problem. I’ve downloaded the documents and am only able to view the Table of Contents, not the actual map. Is there something I am missing or is there a newer version of this lesson?

    Thank you!
    Mary G.

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