Interactive Online Micro-spatial Population Analysis based on GIS Estimated Building Population

urisaFirst Place, 2009 URISA Student Paper Competition

Ko Ko Lwin, University of Tsukuba

“Spatial distribution patterns of population is fully depend on landscape structures and never be a homogeneous, especially where the city has a mix of high and low-rise buildings or patched with unpopulated large spaces such as paddy fields or parks or playgrounds or governmental institutions. This will introduce some errors in population data analysis at micro-scale level. In order to eliminate these errors, we need to estimate population at building level. Spatial analysis functions using building population data is absolutely rare or absent in GIS arena because building population information is not available for public use due to privacy concerns. The goal of this paper is to introduce an online interactive micro-spatial population analysis based on building population, which was estimated by LIDAR derived Digital Volume Model (DVM) and number of floors attribute information with census tracts.”