GIS Helps Government Chart a Forward Course

header“Government agencies are using geographic information system (GIS) solutions in combination with other applications to consolidate information and help reduce stovepiping. Those solutions have proven to be highly effective at visualizing information to make data-driven decisions. Awareness of GIS capabilities in general has been heightened by the proliferation of consumer-oriented mapping applications, such as Google Maps, which are often used in mashups to present real estate listings or other information that has a geographic component. The use of GIS technology in government ranges from natural resource management to homeland security.

“The GIS program in Oregon has been nearly a decade in the making. From a clearinghouse of information accumulated for many small GIS projects, the program has grown into a coordinated enterprise effort that benefits government agencies throughout the state. One of the most recent initiatives is a system for tracking the stimulus funds (see KMWorld, July/August 2009). That effort was greatly facilitated by the existing GIS infrastructure, which includes databases for managing geospatial information, a user interface, analytical tools and one or more delivery platforms including desktop, laptop or mobile devices.”