The Need for Comprehensive 3D City Models

stu_rich22Stu Rich has a new post on his Spatial Explorations blog titled “The Need for Comprehensive 3D City Models (Part 1)“.  Here’s an excerpt:

“On my recent trip to Vancouver to speak at the GeoWeb 2009 conference, however, I was inspired by Thomas Kolbe’s work on CityGML to think more about collections of buildings and how they work together in an urban environment. As we move to this city and regional scale, the level of granularity at which we model our buildings has big implications on scalability, performance, and the tool sets that we use for visualization and analysis.  For the purposes of our discussion here, let’s define a “City” is a reasonably large collection of buildings in a condensed area. This city might be a traditional municipality like Philadelphia or Chicago, it might be a military city like Langley Air Force Base, or it might be a college campus like Boston University.”

Looking forward to reading Part 2, Stu!