Washington Department of Ecology Takes Geospatial Services to the Next Level

The Washington Department of Ecology and ESRI signed a comprehensive enterprise license agreement (ELA) in June. The ELA provides the department with access to all required ESRI ArcGIS software and builds on a strong, longtime relationship between ESRI and the department, which is aiming to strengthen program delivery by extending the functionality of the ArcGIS platform throughout the entire organization at a time when resources are limited.

The ELA enables the Department of Ecology to continue to build its enterprise services within existing budget constraints. It will also help the department save time on procurement and applications development, release, and deployment. The agency uses geographic information system (GIS) tools and procedures as aids in accomplishing its mission of protecting the land, air, and waters of the state and supporting its geographic approach to environmental management.

“For more than 20 years, ESRI has been our partner in the delivery of geospatial solutions,” says Dan Saul, GIS manager for the agency. “The ELA takes our partnership to the next level and will allow our agency to concentrate more on the delivery of geospatial services to our customers and spend less time on administrative overhead.”

The Washington Department of Ecology has been a leader in the state for building GIS services such as Location Finder, a Web service for geoprocessing to assist applicants for environmental permits. The ELA will enable the agency to expand application development in asset management and operational awareness with a focus on providing agency staff and the public with access to more relevant geospatial information.

“The Washington Department of Ecology has been at the forefront of GIS technology utilization, with its sustainable vision, active executive leadership, and dynamic organizational structure,” says Dr. Robin Smith, ESRI manager for environment, marine, and coast. “We are confident that what has been done here is a replicable model for other environmental organizations in reaching their goals through a geographic approach.”

According to the terms of the ELA, the department can deploy ESRI’s ArcGIS platform of desktop, server, Web, and mobile solutions as required to meet their needs. Also included in the ELA are subscriptions to the ESRI Enterprise Advantage Program (EEAP), the ESRI Developer Network (EDN), training and support, and complimentary registrations to the ESRI International User Conference.

The EEAP subscription will support the Department of Ecology with an assigned technical advisor, an annual GIS strategy and account review, and learning and services credits for general consulting work and training.