Science is Being Transformed by Analytics

right_mayThe Q3 2009 issue of sascom magazine features an article by futurist Thorton May titled “Top 8 Things Transformed by Analytics in 2009.”  One of the top eight is science.  Here’s an excerpt:

“In 2005, Microsoft assembled 30 of the world’s greatest scientists from 12 nationalities to examine the challenges facing scientists in the future, paying particular attention to the impact of computer science on the sciences. The study, called 2020 Science, concluded, “We are starting to give birth to ‘new kinds’ of science and possibly a new economic era of ‘science-based innovation’ that could create new kinds of high-tech sectors that we can barely imagine today, just as we could hardly have imagined today’s rapidly growing ‘genomics’ sector happening two decades ago.”

“Today, science may be giving way to ‘open science.’ While openness has always been an integral part of science, with findings presented in journals and conferences, the open-science movement encourages scientists to share work-in-process long before they present results. This concept has the potential to speed discoveries, increase collaboration and transform the field in unforeseen ways.”

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