Essays on Geography and GIS, Vol. 2

essays2ESRI has released a new Best Practices e-book titled “Essays on Geography and GIS, Vol. 2“.   The e-book features the following essays:

  • GIS: Designing Our Future.  By Jack Dangermond.
  • Implementing Geographic Information Technologies Ethically.  By Harlan J. Onsrud.
  • GIScience for Human Rights.  By Doug Richardson.
  • Transport 2.0: Meeting Grand Challenges with GIScience.  By Harvey J. Miller.
  • Geography Education and GIS Professional Development.  By Doug Richardson.
  • Changing the Face of Geography: GIS and the IGU.  By Roger F. Tomlinson.
  • Process Models and Next-Generation Geographic Information Technology.  By Paul M. Torrens.
  • Geographic Literacy in U.S. by 2025.  By Daniel C. Edelson.
  • Geography, GIS, and Mental Health.  By Doug Richardson.
  • The National Geospatial Advisory Committee: An Action Agenda.  By Anne Hale Miglarese.
  • Global Dialogues: GIScience and Sustainable Development in Africa.  By Doug Richardson.
  • Get Involved with Geo-Education Reform.  By Daniel C. Edelson.

This e-book is a followup to the popular “Essays on Geography and GIS“, which has been viewed by more than 30,000 people since it was first made available in September 2008.