NASA’s Hurricane Data Portal: Investigating of the Science of Hurricanes

trmm_quikscat_example2NASA’s Hurricane Data Portal is designed for viewing and studying hurricanes in the Atlantic region by utilizing various measurements by the NASA remote-sensing instruments. The portal consists of four main components:

  • Current Conditions (in pre-selected regions and updated daily): the latest maps and profiles from NASA satellites, such as, TRMM, AIRS, etc.
  • Event based: the latest maps and profiles for an active tropical storm or hurricane.
  • Science focus: Examples/stories describing the data usage in hurricane monitoring and research.
  • Archives: maps and profiles from past tropical storms and hurricanes.

The GES DISC Hurricane Data Portal goal is to assist the science community in future research and investigations of the science of hurricanes. In building collaborations and becoming part of the community we can help serve in the efforts to understanding scientific aspects of hurricanes by providing data access and visualization tools and services.