GIS and Climate Change Resources at the 2009 ESRI User Conference

uc20091ESRI continues to bring focus to climate change concerns and responses. On opening day, renowned biologist Willie Smits will present to users his organization’s efforts for rebuilding forest habitats. In addition, ESRI is sponsoring a Climate Change GIS Showcase along with a three day, global climate change track that offers sessions about policy, monitoring carbon, conservation efforts, and alternative energy sources and technologies. Scientific papers include Carbon Profiles and Alternative Energy and a panel discussion GIS and Renewable Energy. Panel discussions offered by Planet Action will emphasize the value of SPOT imagery data to monitor land use change. People working at the local and national levels will present papers about their community programs in tracks called GIS and Policy Making and  Local Climate Action Plans.

Distinguished speakers joining the climate change conversation include Dr. D. James Baker, Director of the Global Carbon Measurement Program; Dr. Gary Richards from the Australian Department of Climate Change; and Jim Geringer, former governor of Wyoming, who now serves on the National Academy of Sciences Committee of America’s Climate Choices.