The Importance of Spatial Literacy

DVaughn_49731_2009-03-21 11-50-38.835Danny Vaughn writes about the importance of spatial literacy in an article titled “Spatial literacy: how well do you really function within the spatial dimensions of reality?” at The Examiner

“The earth may be thought of as a huge container that houses a variety of spatial objects. Spatial objects can be real (trees, rocks, mountains, rivers, buildings, people, etc.) or abstractions (population density, election party distributions, perceptions, etc.). Spatial literacy requires one to have developed competence through an understanding and appreciation for the location, position, distance, direction, pattern, shape, and size of objects (real or abstract) that take up space; and their intimate associations as they coexist in our world. I am amazed at the number of people I have encountered over the years that cannot read and interpret a basic map, give intelligible directions to a location, or understand the basic premise behind a Cartesian grid, and its utility as a critical function in illuminating the distribution of spatial objects.”