Carbon Footprint Data Model for ArcGIS

carbondmThe purpose of the Carbon Footprint data model is to provide a basic starter template to empower GIS users to tackle the basic problems of greenhouse gases that affect Global Climate Change. The data model suggests the feature classes that a GIS manager would build to support issues related to carbon dioxide production and sequestration.

The intent of the model is to be a starting point that can be extended to meet the needs of those whose task is to act on this problem. The model is the starting point for analysis, visualization, tracking change over time and auditing. Consider this as the Mission Data Set to locally address global climate change.

A key part is developing a Carbon Fabric – layers of sources and sinks that aggregate information from more detailed datasets.

This is an early draft of a data model and we are actively looking for projects to collaborate with to establish best practices. Please contact Steve Grise ( for more information.