AquaMaps: Marine Environment Data Sets Available

aquamapsThe AquaMaps project has created standardized distribution maps for 9,000 species of fishes, marine mammals, and invertebrates.

“AquaMaps is an approach to generating model-based, large-scale predictions of currently known natural occurrence of marine species. Models are constructed from estimates of the environmental tolerance of a given species with respect to depth, salinity, temperature, primary productivity, and its association with sea ice or coastal areas.”

The AquaMaps team has made their depth, salinity, temperature, primary productivity, and sea ice concentration data sets freely available in Half-Degree Cell Authority File (HCAF) format.

Citation:  Kaschner, K., J. S. Ready, E. Agbayani, J. Rius, K. Kesner-Reyes, P. D. Eastwood, A. B. South, S. O. Kullander, T. Rees, C. H. Close, R. Watson, D. Pauly, and R. Froese. Editors 2008 AquaMaps Environmental Dataset: Half-Degree Cells Authority File (HCAF). World Wide Web electronic publication,, Version 01/2008.