A Cyberinfrastructure Collaborative for the Plant Sciences

iplant“The Plant Science Cyberinfrastructure Collaborative (PSCIC) program is intended by NSF to create a new type of organization – a cyberinfrastructure collaborative for the plant sciences – that would enable new conceptual advances through integrative, computational thinking. To achieve this, we have developed the “iPlant Collaborative” (iPlant). iPlant will be fluid and dynamic, utilizing new computer, computational science and cyberinfrastructure solutions to address an evolving array of grand challenges in the plant sciences. It will be community-driven, involving plant biologists, computer and information scientists and engineers, as well as experts from other disciplines, all working in integrated teams. iPlant brings together strengths in plant biology, bioinformatics, computer science and high throughput computing as well as innovative approaches to education, outreach, and the study of social networks.”