Massive Online GIS Bibliography Surpases 75,000 Entries

“The ESRI GIS Bibliography, free on the ESRI Training and Education Web site, recently surpassed 75,000 entries, making it one of the world’s largest online repositories for information about geographic information science (GIScience) and GIS technology.

“Dr. Duane F. Marble, professor emeritus of geography at Ohio State University, began compiling the bibliography in the late 1980s. Because Marble and other academics were each creating individual GIS bibliographies, he saw the need for a more comprehensive public resource. When Marble retired from his academic position, ESRI became curator of the bibliography. The staff at the ESRI Library in Redlands, California, working with Marble, continues to update the content and maintain the Web site as a free service to the GIS and GIScience community.”