First Asian Geostatistics Congress to be Held in India 10-11 August 2009

fimi“The two day Geostatistics Congress 2009 will be held at Skyline Institute of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida (UP), India ( The Congress will include presentations and poster sessions during two day congress. Following 2 days, a variety of technical courses will be held at FIMI, New Delhi. First Asian Geostatistics Congress (FAGC) brings leaders in mining, petroleum, and environmental industry together with institutional, academic and investors in one of India’s most well respected and highly focused on geostatistical and modelling application to various industries. This forum will be also serving about latest developments in global trend in technology and innovative research in mining along with resource investment forums. The event features an industry exhibition, best opportunities to network with high-level representatives from Asia. This congress will also provide an opportunity to increase brand awareness, heighten company presence/visibility, introduce new product or service, penetrate to new market and exposure to key decision makers during the congress.”

One thought on “First Asian Geostatistics Congress to be Held in India 10-11 August 2009

  1. Dr F P Agterberg, Emeritus Scientist with Natural Resources Canada, fumbled the variance of his distance-weighted average point grade first in 1970 and again in 1974. Therefore, variances of sets of distance-weighted average point grades AKA kriged estimates are pseudo variances. Assume spatial dependence, krige, smooth, and be happy! That’s all.

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