New GIS Training Class for Natural Resource and Field Conservation Staff

serviceatsea…from The GIS Institute and Service At Sea

We are pleased to announce the availability of our new GIS Training class, ArcGIS for Natural Resource and Field Conservation. The course materials were donated by Jack Dangermond, president of ESRI, to help us raise money for the non-profit work we do as The GIS Institute. We’ve shaped these materials into a fantastic three (or five) day instructor-led class. In short, we’ve blended sections of the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop II, Desktop III, and Spatial Analyst class, and integrated datasets from several partners in the conservation GIS and natural resources management specialty areas. We’ve also added some custom GPS material for both Garmin and Trimble equipment. Taking this class will provide students with top-notch course materials, combined with data and experiences from organizations and people who work in these GIS applications regularly.

All after-cost proceeds from the sale of this course go DIRECTLY to the general fund of The GIS Institute, our not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. Your purchase of on-site training, or sending participants to a regularly scheduled class, is direct support for our endeavors, which foster GIS and mapping capacity amongst people working for the planet.

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Many thanks to Jack, Miriam Schmidts, and to all the ESRI staff who have made this course a reality. We are also thankful for the people and partner organizations that allowed us to feature their datasets in the class; GeoEye and the Ross-Edwards family (Long Caye/Lighthouse Reef, Belize), Kruger National Park (South Africa), Orangutan International Foundation (Indonesia) and the USDA Forest Service. These contributions have allowed us to make the course one of a kind, international, and applicable to a wide range of organizational needs and technical processes.