Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association Seeks Feedback

The Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI) Council is made up of delegates from organizations spread across the globe that are members of the GSDI Association. The GSDI Association will soon vote on the possible creation of a new membership arm for individuals and we want your advice.

It is currently possible to join the GSDI Association as an individual member but one receives currently few benefits by doing so. The Board would like to attract to the new individual membership category practitioners and academics that have substantial GIS or related experience that could aid peers in advancing standards based spatial data infrastructure developments across the globe as well as learn from each other.

The benefits for individuals in joining the new individual membership arm would include:

  1. ability to become a visible and identifiable member of an international society of such specialists,
  2. the president and vice-president as elected by the individual members through electronic voting would serve automatically as delegate and alternate on the GSDI Council influencing the GSDI agenda and the president would serve on the GSDI Board of Directors,
  3. each member would receive an automatic invitation to join the Geographic Information Knowledge Network ( allowing you to communicate with other members of the network, record a professional profile among your geospatial community peers, record a profile for your geospatial business, organization or agency, and manage your own account,
  4. each member would be able to make announcements on the GSDI Association web site front page (with RSS feed to subscribers),
  5. gain increased opportunities to aid and consult with others in advancing standards based spatial data infrastructure developments,
  6. acquire a membership card and certificate, and
  7. gain additional benefits as advocated and developed by the membership over time.

To inform the GSDI Council as to whether they should create such a new arm of the association for individual geospatial specialists, please take a few minutes to answer three quick questions. Each question also provides a space for comments. The Board and Council will make a decision on whether to create this new arm of the organization at the GSDI 11 Conference in Rotterdam in mid June.