Society for Conservation GIS Conference, 18-21 July 2009

The Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) will be holding their twelfth annual conference 18-21 July 2009 at the Northwoods Resort and Conference Center at Big Bear Lake, California. This is immediately following the ESRI International User Conference (13-17 July 2009 at the San Diego Convention Center in California).


“The theme for the 2009 Society of Conservation GIS conference is Connecting across Boundaries. To achieve our conservation goals we are often challenged to work and connect across boundaries. These boundaries may be spatial in nature, and are often of human origin, such as the boundaries of parks and protected areas, national administrative boundaries (states or provinces), or international boundaries. But we also work hard to cross other boundaries that are not spatial but equally represent barriers that must be crossed as we work with local communities, government agencies and industry, requiring us to find ways to connect across cultural, religious, administrative, departmental, intellectual and frequently technical boundaries. Maps and GIS often provide the needed catalyst for us to connect across these boundaries to achieve positive conservation outcomes. We will take the opportunity to consider the challenges of working and connecting across boundaries for conservation, and the many other challenges we face as members of the Conservation GIS Community at our 2009 SCGIS Conference.”