AGILE 2009 Pre-Conference Workshop: Challenges in Geospatial Data Harmonisation

AGILE 2009 pre-conference workshops take place the day before the AGILE conference on Tuesday 2nd of June 2009, in Hanover, Germany.

Workshop #7: Challenges in Geospatial Data Harmonisation

“European Spatial Data Infrastructures (ESDI) integrate the diversity of geospatial data available for a multitude of European organisations. The implementation of SDI in the context of initiatives like INSPIRE, GMES and SEIS, requires that the organisations document, publish and harmonise their geospatial data and support users in accessing this information in a suitable way.

“Data harmonisation is about creating the possibility to combine data from heterogeneous sources into integrated, consistent and unambiguous information products, in a way that is of no concern to the end-user. This poses many different research challenges for facilitating the harmonisation of geospatial data and metadata by automating the necessary steps as far as possible.

“This workshop will bring together researchers from different communities to investigate current strategies and discuss future research collaborations in the wider context of data harmonisation. Further, the idea of the workshop is to learn about ongoing activities in research projects that provide successful test cases for enabling geospatial data harmonisation.”