Winners of Google’s KML in Research Competition

Google has announce the seven winners of their KML in Research Competition.  And the winners are:

  • Grey Box System Identification of Bus Mass (Student Winner)
  • Environmental Toxicity in Wayne County Michigan (Student Winner)
  • Emergent Models of Earth’s Crustal Structure (Professional Winner)
  • North American Carbon (Professional Winner)
  • NCALM LiDAR Data Distribution Center (Professional Winner)
  • Global Infant Mortality 1960-2005 (Professional Winner)
    Visualizing Seasonal Climate Forecasts (Professional Winner)


Declan De Paor from Old Dominion University, a winner in the professional category, incorporated “a novel use of the time slider feature to expose models of the crust and mantel in the Aleutian Island chain” in the entry “Emergent Models of Earth’s Crustal Structure.”

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