Quote of the Day

Modern Science … has attempted by measuring and rechecking to admit as little warp as possible, but still some warp must be there.  And in many fields young, inquisitive men [and women] are seeing new worlds.  And from their seeing will emerge not only new patterns but new ethics, disciplines, and manners.  The upheaval of the present world may stimulate restive minds to new speculations and evaluations.  The new eyes will see, will break off new facets of reality.

–John Steinbeck in his foreword to Pacific Tides, 1939

Jane Goodall on Capitol Hill; Geospatial Science Gets a Plug

…from InfoZine

The renowned primatologist spoke on Capitol Hill Tuesday about her efforts and hopes for the world. “Conservation, Health and Development: Connecting Science and Practice,” focused on the work of the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation and the role science plays in achieving the institute’s goals.

Lilian Pintea, director of conservation science for the Jane Goodall Institute, encouraged greater use of geospatial science, which he called “a perfect fit to our problems.”

Pintea said satellite imagery over many years and other geospatial techniques can be used for conservation. “What satellite imagery helps us to do is go back in time and monitor what happened and what’s happening to the chimpanzee habitat all over Africa,” he said. “We can use the imagery now to look where we have forest loss … and where we have success.”.”