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Analysis of Influence of Solar Glare on Traffic Flow

August 18, 2010

2010 ESRI International User Conference, San Diego, CA

Hoyong Kim, Jisook Kim, and Hojong Baik

“In this study, we present the influence of sun glare on traffic flow using GIS tool. The analysis was carried out ith following three steps: 1) First, the strength of sun glare is modeled as a function of height and the azimuth of sun over season and over time of day, 2) Using geometry and orientation of highway, the strength of sun glare is estimated on different segments of highway, and 3) using the traffic flow data (i.e., speed, volume, etc) collected from traffic detector system, the relation between traffic flow and sun glare on highway segment are statically examined. It should be noted that GIS provides an excellent tool for analyzing temporal-spatial characteristics imbedded in the different data sets (i.e. sun glare, highway geometry and crash data). For the analysis, traffic data collected from RTMS (Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor) detector system on I-270 around St. Louis area is used.”


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