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GIS is a Green Technology: New e-Book Now Available

February 3, 2009

green_ebook1ESRI has released a new e-book called “GIS is a Green Technology.”  The stories included in this e-book detail GIS-based applications for innovative, sustainable solutions to many of today’s common environmental problems. Some of the stories featured in this e-book include:

  • The Big Sky State Taps Wind Resources
  • Harvesting Efficiently Using Mobile GIS
  • Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Communications Supported by GIS
  • Idaho Power Company Protects the Lifeblood of the State
  • Ethanol Buzz Fuels GIS Planning by Colonial Pipeline Company
  • Boston Showcases Solar Power Potential with Web GIS
  • GIS for the Sustainable Management of Fish Stocks

You can download the free e-book from the ESRI web site.

And coming soon in this ever-expanding series of e-books is a new one called “GIS for Planetary Science”, which covers non-Earth applications of GIS.  I’ll make an announcement when it is available (later this month or early March).

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